Question: Where Can I Buy IMVU Credits?

How do you buy IMVU credits?

Purchasing CreditsSTEP 1: Go to, and then login to your account.

STEP 2: Click CREDITS, and then select Buy Credits.STEP 3: Under Select a Package, select the option that you prefer.STEP 4: If you want to make an upgrade, look on the second column then check the option that you prefer.More items…•.

How do I get IMVU credits for free?

To receive your free IMVU Credits, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, answer a few paid surveys, watch videos, or complete offers and quickly redeem your earned points for IMVU Credits. We’ll send a gift card code to your email address which you can use to add the Credits to your IMVU account.

How do I buy credits with AP?

AP can be purchased by 18 or older with a credit card and the age verification can be done later. The second method is to completing the Age Verification token process first, and then buying AP with 20,000 Credits.

Where can I buy cheap IMVU credits?

The PlayerAuctions marketplace is the safest place to buy cheap IMVU credits.

What does age mean on IMVU?

Sign Up Now to Chat in 3D! Now, for just $9.95, you can purchase an Age Verification Token and connect with IMVU’s growing community of adults! Every avatar verified to be age 18 or older will receive a special badge as proof, making it easy to find others who are just like you!

How much is a IMVU card?

IMVU Game eCard $10 (Email Delivery)

Can you buy VIP on IMVU with a prepaid card?

Yes you can!

Is IMVU a dating site?

Imvu App. Imvu online virtual game, also considered as a dating platform, is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. It is also downloadable for computers which are more preferred by the members.

How much money do IMVU creators make?

How much can I earn? You will earn at a rate of 40 cents per 1,000 Credits*, based on the profits you have set for your products. So for example, for a product where your profit is 100 Credits, you will earn 4 cents each time it is purchased with real Credits.

Can you buy IMVU credits with prepaid card?

An amazing way to meet people and interact online! You can use an IMVU Gift Card like a prepaid card to buy more IMVU credits to style your virtual avatar.

How much is credits on IMVU?

Regular credits are purchased in increments of 5,000, starting with 5,000 for $5. There is a discount that kicks in at 15,000 credits and increases incrementally the more credits that you buy. For example, 50,000 credits cost $44.95 and 300,000 credits cost $200.

What does IMVU stand for?

Instant Messaging Virtual UniverseInstant Messaging Virtual Universe.

Where are IMVU cards sold?

Walmart.comIMVU Gift Cards –

Can AP be gifted on IMVU?

You can’t gift AP to someone else so unless someone else knows another way to circumvent that restriction, the only way that would work is if you trusted someone enough to give them your IMVU login credentials long enough for them to purchase it for you.

How do you get famous on IMVU?

How to Become Famous in IMVUKnow Your Interests. First off, you’ll want to know what interest groups you want to join in the virtual world of IMVU. … Don’t Be Afraid to Chat. Always be the outgoing buddy in the chat rooms. … Go Beyond the Virtual World and into the Community. Just like any virtual world simulator, IMVU comes with its own forums.