Question: Can BT Delete My Email Address?

Should you delete old email accounts?

You Don’t Necessarily Need To Delete Your Old Account…

There are reasons you may want to keep your dearly departed email address alive, even after you’ve created a new account.

“You also may want to use the forward feature for a while to be sure someone important is not still using the old email address.”.

How do I permanently delete a Gmail account?

Step 3: Delete your accountGo to the left, click Data and personalization.Scroll to “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data.”Click Delete a service or your account.Click Delete your account.

How do I change my email address but keep the same email address?

Switch your email address from your current internet provider. If you already have an email address with your internet provider, don’t fret – you can make the switch to a Gmail or Outlook account without losing old messages or contact details. All you have to do is migrate your old account to a new one.

Do I have to pay BT to keep my email address?

BT says people can keep their email addresses for free using a basic service that’s only accessible via a browser, but that customers who want to maintain their normal email service, they have to pay £7.50 per month.

How do I close my email address?

How to delete a Gmail accountSign into your Gmail account on the grid icon in the upper right-hand corner and select “Account.”Under the “Account preferences” section click “Delete your account or services.”Select “Delete products.”Enter your password.More items…•

Why would BT block my email address?

We’ve blocked your email address because it might not be secure any more. This might be because someone’s got into your email account without your permission, and could use it to send spam or get personal information like your bank details. To unblock it, go to and follow the steps.

What happens when you delete an email account?

If you delete your email account you should still be able to access the accounts you subscribed to unless you are using that email address for 2FA or if you are unable to access the account and then, of course, the account(s) won’t be able to send you a password reset.

Do you have to pay for an email account?

Cost. The good thing about free email providers is, well, they’re free! So, if you’re an individual that uses your email for personal matters only, you should go for the free services that Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL offer. On the other hand, with paid email providers, you have two options.

Is BT changing its email?

Welcome to your brand-new email – it’s more reliable than ever and with all the security you’d expect from BT. Here you’ll find changes you’ll need to make and all the features you can enjoy. Once we’ve updated your email, you won’t be able to go back to the old layout. …

Can bt close my email account?

If you close your BT email, on your broadband end date: You’ll have 60 days to upgrade to Premium email via My BT. If you do this you can downgrade to Basic email at any time. If you don’t upgrade to Premium email, after 60 days all of the email addresses linked to your BT ID will be deleted.

How do I change my email address on my BT account?

You can update your email address by clicking on the Update your email address link at the top of the screen once you’ve logged into My BT. Don’t forget to click on Save changes when done. Or you can update your details by clicking on My profile at the top of any page in My BT (once you’re logged in).

How do I close an old email account?

Here’s how:Go to the “Close your account” page and sign in using the account you want to delete.Click “Next,” then read the list on the page and check the boxes to acknowledge that you’ve read each item.Go to the “Select a reason” dropdown menu and choose why you’re closing your account.More items…•