Can Gstr 3b Revised?

What if my supplier does not pay GST?

If a supplier fails to deposit the GST to the government or defaults in filing the GSTR 1 form on time or if there is any other discrepancy then the input tax credit claimed by a buyer will be limited to the amount for which invoice matching is done and 20% of the amount where invoice matching could not be done..

How do I know if my Gstr is 3b?

Here is a step-by-step guide to filing GSTR-3B on GST Portal: Step 1 – Login to GST Portal. Step 2 – Go to ‘Services’ > ‘Returns’ > ‘Returns Dashboard’. Step 3 – This displays the ‘File Returns’ page.

What is b2b amendment in GST?

Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) has today, at last, reopened the facility for businesses to make amendments to all those Invoices that are Business-to-Business (B2B) oriented on the GST portal. … There was no provision to revise the filed GST returns.

How do I reset my 3b?

Steps to Reset GSTR-3BVisit GST Portal. Login to GST Portal using valid credentials.Navigate to Services. Click on Returns > Returns Dashboard.Select the Financial Year and Period of filing. … Reset GSTR-3B option activated. … Click on Reset GSTR3B. … Success Message. … Make changes and submit again.

Can GST returns be revised?

There is no concept of revision of returns under the GST regime. However, you can change the invoice through a supplementary invoice or debit or credit notes.

Can we file Gstr 3b without payment of tax?

Composition Dealers are not required to file GSTR-3B. They will be required to file quarterly return only. If there is any tax payable then payment of such tax is mandatory for the filing of form GSTR-3B. In other words, GSTR-3B return cannot be filed without full payment of the tax due.

How many times GST revised?

After its launch, the GST rates have been modified multiple times, the latest being on 22 December 2018, where a panel of federal and state finance ministers decided to revise GST rates on 28 goods and 53 services. Members of the Congress boycotted the GST launch altogether.

Can we file Gstr 3b without filing Gstr 1?

yes you can file GSTR-1 before filing GSTR-3b but both are mandatory.

Can we revise Gstr 1 after submitting?

Return once filed cannot be revised. Any mistake made in the return can be rectified in the next periods (month/quarter) return. It means that if a mistake is made in September GSTR-1, rectification for the same can be made in October’s GSTR-1.

What if any sales invoice gets missed in Gstr 3b?

Then in this case, if any amount in respect of any invoice is missed while filing GSTR 3B say for the month of July, then the taxpayers have the option to further furnish the detail of the outward supplies at the time of filing GSTR 1 of the subsequent month. Similarly, ITC can be claimed in next month’s GSTR-3B.

Is Gstr 3b monthly or quarterly?

GSTR-3B is a monthly return. All regular taxpayers need to file this return till June 2018. Taxpayers can file their return on GST Portal. Taxpayers have to file this return by 20th of the subsequent month.

What if GST return not filed for 6 months?

According to sources, PK Dash, Chairman, CBIC, expressed his displeasure in the progress of cancellation of registration of non-filers who have not filed GSTR 3B (showing tax payments) returns for six or more than six return periods and are liable to action under GST law.

How do I fix error in Gstr 3b?

Mistakes in GSTR-3B: The return can be edited at Stage 1 and Stage 2 only. The return cannot be edited at stage 3 and stage 4. In that case, the adjustment can be made only in return of next month, as there is no provision to amend the GSTR-3B return after filing.

How do I amend Gstr 3b?

Click on ‘Reset GSTR 3B’ Click on ‘Yes’ and ‘OK. Now that you have reset the return and status changed to ‘Yet to be filed’ make changes to return and submit again. Note: Details provided in the return will not be changed only status changes.

How do I file Gstr 3b after payment?

To create, save, pay taxes and file Form GSTR-3B return, perform the following steps:Login and Navigate to Form GSTR-3B – Monthly Return page.Enter Details in Section – 3.1 Tax on outward and reverse charge inward supplies.Enter Details in Section – 3.2 Inter-state supplies.Enter ITC Details in Section – 4.More items…